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stem cell in kc

Age and Regenerative Medicine

News / 4/24/2020

Age and Regenerative Medicine: Did you know age helps Dr. Khadavi determine the precise platelet concentration for his platelet and stem cell treatments?

Age and Regenerative Medicine

One of the many factors that Dr. Khadavi takes into account in determining how to precisely customize each platelet rich plasma and stem cell preparation for an individual patient is the individual’s age. Multiple studies have been performed that show that younger individuals need fewer platelets than do individuals over the age of 40 or 50, and in fact a higher platelet concentration can sometimes even be detrimental to the tendon and cartilage cells in these younger patients. On the contrary, in individuals over 50, tendon cells have been shown to replicate at a higher rate when provided platelet concentration as high as 20 times an individuals baseline platelet level! Dr. Khadavi uses this information, in addition to other variables such as injury type, injury severity, chronicity of pain, and other medical and orthopedic factors, to customize each PRP and stem cell preparation and ensure that his patients have the best available treatments and the best possible outcomes.