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Payments & Insurance

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Apex Policies at a Glance


  • Insurance cards must be presented at each visit.
  • Co-pays are due prior to seeing the doctor.
  • Demographic information must be updated once a year.

If you have no insurance, payment is due at time of visit, prior to seeing the doctor. The patient is responsible for all balances after the insurance payment and contractual adjustments are applied

Insurance Participation


Patients must have private insurance or agree to or adhere to the self-pay policy in order to be scheduled.

Patients involved in other third party injuries without legal representation ( i.e. fall on private or corporate property, boating accident, dog bite, disputed workers compensation, etc.) will be handled as follows: Even if the patient has a private insurance policy, patients must agree and adhere to the self pay policy as we will not bill private insurance. Private insurance will not cover these types of liability claims. This does not go against our contracts that we have with participating insurances.


We will not see patients who are involved in medicolegal issues.

Verification of med/pip coverage through auto-insurance is required prior to an appointment being scheduled.


Your medical insurance will be billed as secondary only after payment by liability insurance is complete – or if we receive a written denial from your liability carrier.

You will receive a monthly statement from our office. If you anticipate any delay in payment, be sure to contact us so we are aware of your unique concerns.

 Self Pay

It is the policy of Apex Orthopedics &
Sports Medicine to require an initial
deposit of $200 at the first visit.

A $100 deposits is required at each subsequent visit. This will only apply to patients who do not have medical coverage through a contracted insurance carrier. Regardless of your balance due, we will require subsequent payments of at least $50.00 per visit, in order to keep your scheduled appointment(s). Any over-payment will be issued as a refund at the completion of your treatment.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our billing department at: (913) 642-0200, option “3.”

Accepted Payment Methods

For the convenience of our customers, APEX Orthopedics accepts:

Cash, Check, credit/debit Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, CareCredit.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our billing department at: (913) 642-0200, option “3”.