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shoulder disorder in kc

Rotator Cuff Repair in Kansas City

News / 5/12/2019

rotator cuff repair in kansas city

an introduction to rotator cuff repair

by Dr. Van den Berghe

I feel very gratified to be able to help so many patients in the Kansas City area with rotator cuff repairs.

As a Board Certified, fellowship-trained Orthopedic surgeon, I specialize in shoulder disorders. When not performing surgeries with Apex, I teach other surgeons how to perform rotator cuff repairs in Kansas City through course-based learning.

The courses I teach include the San Diego Shoulder course and the Masters Arthroscopy Courses at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Learning Center in Chicago.

(In fact, this goes back to my days in college where I worked as a tutor to help pay for school.)

Today, I’d like to introduce the topic of rotator cuff repairs in Kansas City.

The shoulder is a very complicated joint that allows us to do amazing things with our arms!

Think of a gymnast in the rings doing an “iron cross” or a baseball player throwing a 90+ MPH fastball. Even the simple ability to position our hand to our mouth or scratch our back involves the rotator cuff.


What Is A Rotator Cuff Tear?

The “rotator cuff” is a series of four muscles and tendons that dynamically stabilize our shoulders.

(To doctors, these muscles are known as: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.)

Unfortunately, tears of these tendons lead to symptoms that include:

  • pain
  • weakness
  • loss of motion or stiffness
  • difficulty reaching overhead
  • trouble sleeping.

A simple fall or an athletic injury can lead to a rotator cuff tear.

Furthermore, overuse and work related conditions can cause rotator cuff tears in Kansas City patients and for those across the country.

I specialize in treating all types of rotator cuff tears in patients, ranging from the professional athlete to the person injured at work.

These rotator cuff tears can occur along with arthritis or other tears of the glenoid labrum (the biceps tendon).


rotator cuff repair in kansas city - physical therapy



While it’s never fun to be injured, as a doctor this is an exciting time to discuss rotator cuff repairs. The scientific and medical communities have made many advancements to improve our care of patients with a rotator cuff tear in Kansas City.

For those patients who continue to have symptoms despite non-surgical treatments, we have many techniques to repair the rotator cuff.

I myself specialize in arthroscopic repairs, where a camera (arthroscope) is inserted through a small incision to assess and then repair the torn tendon.

You are unique—and so is your rotator cuff tear.

This uniqueness from patient to patient requires us to have a variety of techniques available to match your individual tear pattern.

By catering to the individual needs of the patient, we are able to provide the best opportunity for your tear to heal.


rotator cuff repair in kansas city - consultation


Advances in Rotator cuff repair methods & technology

We are in an exciting time in medicine because we have recently seen tremendous advancements in our ability to help our bodies heal.

For example, we can now utilize our own blood or bone marrow to augment these repairs.

As a matter of fact, my partner, Dr. Michael Khadavi, M.D., has had extensive training in this field of regenerative medicine.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves; we can concentrate this potential at the site of the repair if a patient desires.

Regenerative medicine uses the latest technology that is offered by our very own body rather than a synthetic substance or medication.

Learn more about regenerative medicine in Kansas City –>


What happens after a rotator cuff repair?

After completing surgery, a sling will protect your rotator cuff repair in Kansas City.

You will gradually regain your motion and strength with the help of a physical or occupational therapist.

Most therapists have a masters or doctorate level of educational training. Their expertise in helping you fully recover your function is indispensable.

I emphasize to my patients that this is an investment in your health and quality of life.

The more actively you work with us and engage in the recovery process, the better your outcome.



Need a rotator cuff repair in Kansas City? Not sure?



Make an appointment with the experts at Apex Orthopedics to discuss your rotator cuff tear and discover how a repair could help you feel back to normal again.


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